Peoples perception....


'It is about the things that are important to me: the ideals, the goals and the dreams. I may not have achieved all these yet, but my ambition is to be able to say at the end of my career, 'I believe I have achieved all that I was capable of achieving'.

This is a nugget from Paula Radcliffe's autobiography - one of (if not the) best all time female long distance runner holding the marathon record at a blistering fast 2hr 15min and a precious 25sec. 

This record has held since 2003! 


When I found her book in a thrift shop for a bargain £3 I snapped it up! 

Hard copy under my arm I went home to devour it. And secretly try to work out her formula for being so dam fast. 

You see I have a secret to share that is rather embarrassing...but that is not why I am coming to you .

Nor is the content in the book either. 

It was what was said to me that kept the book on my shelf and never read (both while I lived in London and then shipped around the world to New Zealand).

As soon as I told a friend of mine of my steal-of-a-deal-book she piped up saying that she'd found it to be a poor read. 

Now this friend specialised in sports autobiographies - she was ADDICTED to them. 

Deflated, yet trusting of her, I left the book on my shelf. 

Fast forward 7 years and a trip across the world I pulled the book off my shelf again last weekend. Her words still ringing in my head....I tentatively opened the first page....

'Much of my adult life has been consumed by running, resting, racing and recovering. When I first began to write this book, I wondered what else could I write about?' 

....well that's not sounding promising is it? Shesh, my mate WAS right, this book will be a waste of time.

But I kept reading, giving the book, and Paula, the benefit of the doubt. 

And it got better and better. 

So much of her life's struggles and campaigns are so similar to what we face in business and life. 

I started to LOVE the book.

AND now I can't get enough of I had to pry myself out of it to send this to you.

It got me thinking. 

How many times have you decided to quit based on someone else's opinion?

......quit that business idea you had

......quit that dream to do a course you thought would be amazing

......quit booking that call with someone to go for your dreams

......quit sending out that email to your community on an idea you thought was rad

......quit showing up after you got a nasty comment

......quit getting up early and working on the next steps to your dream life

How many times has someones throw away comment de-railed you and sent you down a different path? 

I feel you. And what I know to be true is that having the path laid out in front of me was the difference between my businesses being hobbies to a business that fully supported me and has grown to multiple 6 figures. 

While I have continued to invest in my self development and in my business development it all started with me not listening to the doubters. It started with ME being ready to do what it took to build and grow a business that I loved. 

I didn't listen to anyone else, I went for it (headphones on to block out the chatter) and knew in my heart it was the right thing to do to enable me to have a life I love.

So if you want to be like Paula and "say at the end of my career, 'I believe I have achieved all that I was capable of achieving'." 

Then deflect everyone else's opinions then reply to me and tell me what you are capable of achieving. 

You've got this. 

Big love,

Penny sign off no padding.png

P.S. Other peoples opinions can create your reality - here are 27 ways to over come those thoughts that are holding you back - all free to download, digest and keep you on your path to your dreams. mwoah xx
Grab your copy here >>

P.P.S. That secret I am embarrassed to tell - I wanted to qualify for the Olympic Games in the marathon. I got my time down to 3hrs5mins yet I needed to take off another 30mins to be even close to qualifying. That didn't stop me dreaming and trying though.  

Next news item I'll tell you what happened that squashed my dream....

Frustration is a f________


I am bored. I want to be doing more running in prep for an ultra marathon coming up but my archils has other ideas. 

While it has that strained-I-am-about-to-pop feeling I am bored waiting for it to get better. 

If I am honest with myself underneath that boredom I’m frustrated.

This is not the first time frustration has reared its head under the guise of boredom either. 

I remember the first days of starting this business. 

I spent hours ‘launching’ my business, taking all the right steps to have everything connected up and ready to welcome a thriving community of action taking woman in to my life. 

I hit GO and sat back with a glass of Moet (bubbles of choice at that time) and felt very chuffed with myself.

Within hours I had a client. BOOM - I WAS IN THE MONEY! 

This was easy!

I poured another glass of Moet (after all they say to celebrate right?!)

And then I waited for the next client to come my way.

And I waited.

And I waited.

I got bored, this wasn’t working as I had planned (or hoped). It’s far too slow for my liking and the bank wasn’t happy with the pace either.

I started to think of other things to do but couldn’t be bothered. My passion and excitement was in THIS business, not something else.

But really I was frustrated.  

I was still hopeful that it would all work out and I would have the business I dreamed of. 

Why the F was it not all working?

Perhaps you can relate ?

Have you set your business to GO mode and heard crickets?

Have you had a couple of clients but lack consistency?

Are you feeling frustrated too with yourself? 

I feel you. And it wasn’t until I got super clear on WHO my ideal client was, what the right messaging was for them to attract them and VISIBLE (in the right places)  dream clients did it all started to work. The ease and flow came in. 

I hit my first $3k month and it was then that I had enough to buy myself a treat (more bubbles!) and pour more back in to the business to keep building relationships and growth.

If you too want to get that $3k milestone and feel the achievement then I have the proven steps to take.  You can then do as i did and keep building up until you 6 figures and beyond. 

It all comes down to getting out of that frustrated stuck state and using a system that works.

I believe in the system so much that when you hit $3k you get a special reward and if you hit $5k I’ll give you a $1,000 credit to use in my company. Yep, that is how much I believe in the process and YOU.

You’ll have 60 days to implement my proven strategy. Along the journey you’ll have a fantastic group of action taking $3k hunting woman, fun, laughter, tears and of course some bubbles.

60 Days to your First $3k Beta Program starts on Feb 6 and by being an action taker I am including the Create Your YES Offer Self Study to sink your teeth in to right now for FREE (value $197)

Stop sitting there bored and frustrated with your business, join the group, let’s get some systems in place and create those buyers. 

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P.S. We start next week, so loose the frustration and grab your spot here and get the free Create Your YES Offer Self Study worth $197.

Why the changes in FB algorithms are making me money


Why I am pleased Mark Z has made changes to Facebook....?

You've seen all the doom and gloom posts. Then the 'upbeat, she'll be right mate (kiwi term for look at the positives) blog posts telling us all to keep up with engagement and keep creating communities all in the order to get people to see your page.

I hate to break it to you...but on average only 5% of people see what you post on your FB Biz Page at the best of times.

For example we post over 21 times a week on my Biz page Penny Comins - Entrepreneur Coach. How many of you have seen these?


Scary right?

So why am I so excited about these algorithm changes? 

Because when there is doubt and change, people who aren't bold - fold. 

And it's when they fold that the bold make the biggest impact.

Take for example the stock market. When the markets are up everyone wants to invest because it feels safe. When the markets are down everyone sells up and flee's.

As Tony Robbins outlines in his amazing book 'Unshakable' when the markets are down is when the bold invest at the low stock price and sit. They wait for the markets to come back up again and reap the rewards of the increase in price. 

So instead of sitting in a place of fear and thinking dire thoughts about how your page will disappear into the ethos along with it your potential leads (and sales). It is time to invest in advertising and skip ahead of the rest who are folding (and whining, I have even seen someone wanting to sue Facebook! WTF?).

Be bold; create engaging ads that your community will devour. Have a great funnel that is proven to convert to clients and then pour the cash in the top.

Hey presto! 

You'll be taking advantage of these new changes :) 

Not sure you're ads or funnel is converting? 

Or maybe you still need to create a funnel then pop me an email.

Be ready to be bold in this changing market. Including bringing in sales.

Big love,

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Don’t become a failing statistic - Match your Woo with your Do dar-ling


Did you know that of the 40 percent of people who make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8 percent follow through with their goals?

Did you know the end of January is also the most depressing week of January. 

Shesh - that’s a double whammy of great news right?!

Do you want your dreams to fade over the year and become another statistic? Or do you want to stay focused all year and get results? 

This side of Christmas would you like to - 

  • Have a clear plan for achieving your goals in 2018
  • Have a daily practice that goes with you that will keep you focused, productive and on purpose.
  • Feel more in control of your life with a positive perspective everyday.
  • Manifest what you truly desire with purpose (yahuh)
  • Real daily tasks to create real results for 2018.

Drum roll please……..

(exploding emojis) And in walks the Woo with the Doo Viz Challenge! (exploding emojis)

Starting next week you're invited to a 5 day FREE challenge hosted by moi to show you just how to bring those big dreams that you float away with over your latte in to rock solid reality. 

No hairy fairy wishes here with disappointed outcomes.

Together we are going to base your 2018 goals and dreams on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology - matching the Woo with Do in a unique way to create AND achieve the goals you set yourself, your family and your business in 2018.

I use the very same system this year to create that reality which allows me to travel to 7 international destinations a year (no small feat - google ‘travel time to New Zealand’ and you’ll see what I mean) while still having a thriving business (think multiple 6 figures and clients that are toe-tingley wonderful). Oh and I got married this year too….

Show off you might think?

No - showing you what is possible.

We start on December 11 - grab your seat here  and get on with the pre-work video. 

5 days - change your habits, change your beliefs, change your life.

See you on the inside!

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P.S. Create Your Best Year YET in 2018 with this 5 day Free Challenge. Starting on December 11 you’ll get 5 days of free training and support so come Jan 1 you’re already busting moves to your Rich and Relaxed lifestyle sista!

{WARNING} 25 needles….


Lying face down with 25 needles in my back I wasn’t about to argue.

But I couldn’t help think to myself what a wasted sprit this young Chinese Doctor was. 

Don’t get me wrong; he is extremely talented (he has 25 needles in my back!) and gets fantastic results. I have felt more energetic and dropped 2 kgs too. #bonus

Yet when I asked how he got in to acupuncture and Chinese medicine he replied with ‘well my parents did, so I did too. I guess I could have been something else but I never put any though in to what I wanted to do.’

My heart bled.

How sad that he had never had the space to truly find what he was passionate about. How sad that he followed his parents as he didn’t have the guidance and ability to dream his own dreams. How sad that he was now trapped in a profession he was excellent at, that pleased his family, yet was just a way to pay the bills and fill the day for him.

Maybe you can relate to this feeling?

I certainly do!

I know I felt the size of a peanut when the owner of the company said it was good I was the only female on the Board as the Sales and Marketing Director as we needed a ‘mum’ on the team! I felt so trapped, the money was astronomically good (we’re talking bonuses that buy cars good) yet I was being treated so poorly.

In fact it wasn’t until I found my first coach and set some goals that things started to change. That I realised I didn’t have to put up with this BS Boss anymore. I could have a Rich and Relaxed lifestyle where I was valued for ME and not for being a company ‘mum’. 

I was able to create the successful year ahead that I wanted. The more I visualized what I wanted the more the money flowed in the more I got aligned. It was like magic. Soon those big bonuses were replaced in my business. 

This can be your reality too.

How much time do you give yourself to get quiet….

….get really quiet and think about what you truely desire?

And then allow that to be your reality. 

Without the pressures of parents, family, what we should be doing, how we should be seen and what we need to do to pay the bills.

I spoke openly about this need to create space here >>

My parting advice to my acupuncturist (after he removed the needles!) was - Life isn’t about finding yourself - it’s about creating yourself. 

My parting question to you - are you spending the time to create yourself? 

Big love,

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P.S. Want to create the life you desire and actually bring it in to reality? Stay tuned…for an easy hack I have coming….

I left my passport at home...


I pride myself on being organised and focused. But yesterday I WAS NOT. 

I love to remember peoples birthdays; well in advance of the reminder from Facebook. 


I even have a digital packing list so I don't forget anything.

But yesterday I strayed from my packing list and it almost cost me my holiday….

I packed the previous night and left the house today to go to the airport with that feeling I was forgetting something......but assured my brain it was just me being silly.

How wrong I was….

On getting in the courtesy van from the car parking at the airport the man driving looked in the rear view mirror and asked "has everyone got everything?"

It reminded me of a tone my Mum used…and it hit me.



I immediately jumped straight out of the minivan, grabbed my bags out of the boot, ran in to get my car key and took off.

My low flying Mazdarati was weaving between Friday afternoon traffic on the motorway home again.

I had one sole focus - 

  1. get home, 
  2. get my passport, 
  3. get back to the airport,
  4. get on my flight.


My flight left in two hours.

.....I live 40 minutes (one way) from the airport.

It is Friday and weekend traffic is building.


I could have gone one of two ways… 

OPTION 1. Panic. Have a complete melt down on the spot. Ring my husband in tears. Blame everyone else. Scream at the traffic getting in my way. Yell at myself for being such an idiot who forgot her bloody passport! And sit in the victim mode - 'why does this happen to me?'.


OPTION 2. Be focused on the issue - getting the passport.
Accept responsibility - I packed my bags, I forgot my passport.
Not be hard on myself - it's OK - these things happen. 
Stay calm in the traffic and know that everyone is on their own missions
Have faith in the Universe that if I am meant to get on that flight then I will.

I chose option 2. 

And you know what you can too.

When you hit a drama, or a speed bump in your business you can either go

Option 1 and blame everyone else. You can blame Facebook ads for not working for you, or you can blame your VA, or you can scream at technology. 


Option 2 and have ONE SOLE FOCUS AT A TIME. You can stay calm and know that the Universe has got your back. That if you focus on how to fix the issue and problem solve you'll get back on the winning path faster. 

Need help to work on being calm in the eye of the storm and keep that total focus on one goal at a time? Reply to this email and tell me your dilemma. 

unnamed (1).png

P.S. Did I make the flight in time? Watch here to see >>

[PODCAST] You feature too


Yesterday I wrote to you about how to grow your list while you slept in 5 simple ways. 

And today I want to show you what is possible with the one-to-man model....

It started back in February

.....a cheeky kiwi girl did a video pitch to a HUGE podcast King. 

She had balls.

She went straight to the TOP of the podcasting world.

This podcast King is ranked no.1 in many Podcast charts, on 7 platforms and has over 1,000,000 listeners! (yes - count those zeros).

He's even been asked by Tony Robbins to be featured on his podcast show.

Woosh - the sound of the email video pitch flying into wifi land. 

Then that vomitty-excited-feeling came over her...

And she knew it was something she needed to do.

Fast forward 4 months. 

She got an email in my inbox.......

......she had been selected out of the 400 applications they get each month! 


Launch day here list grew by 100's while she slept, her website when crazy with the most amount of traffic she had ever seen...(388% increase to be precise). 

And her inbox went crazy with direct emails. 

Is this a story you want to have in your business? 

An easier way to grow your list, community and book clients - with out the constant hustle? Without spending all your fun tokens on advertising? 

Well if I can - you can too because guess what .... 

....that cheeky kiwi girl is me. And the podcast is EoFire.

You can listen right here >>

Episode 1844 is LIVE - JLD and PE rocking the mic AND getting my message out to so many more woman!

Craving this kind of community building and buzz without the hard-hustle? 

Tomorrow I'll reveal just how you can go for those vomitty-excited-opportunities too! Keep you're eyes pealed in your email. 

In the meantime - enjoy listening and share with your biz-babe mates. 


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P.S. Want to grow your list by hundreds and website traffic in the 300% range? Have a listen to the latest episode of EoFire here >>where I am interviewed by the host John Lee Dumas.

NEW: Grow your list while you sleep


We all love sleep right?

You can drift off and switch off.

mmm bliss.

And if you stay asleep all night you wake up with that crease in your face, sleepy crust in your eyes, do a BIIIGGGG stretch and then



It's full gas and you're away. 

Do This

Do That

Grow this

Build that

Create more

Until you flop back in to bed again and night

.... and slowly drift off...

Wouldn't it be nice to know that while you're sleeping your list is still growing and people are still buying from you?

The wheels of your business are still spinning away while your head is floating in la-la land?

Yep - thought so!

GOOD NEWS! Here are the top ways to grow your list while you're snoozing away.....

The Top 5 Ways to Grow Your List While You Sleep...

1. Guest Blog - write a feature or blog for someone else. Show off your talents and knowledge by writing an engaging post.

2. Summits - jump on a summit and be featured as a special guest expert along with 20 other like minded entrepreneurs. 

3. Paid advertising - Facebook, Google Ads or Instagram are the top 3 sites to push traffic to your list 24/7 on repeat. 

4. Networking events - mingle, hand out your cards and collect others to add to your list...with their permission of course.

5. Podcasts - be interviewed on a podcast and get heard by the masses as the expert in your field. 112 million American's listen to podcasts, on average 5 shows a week! 

You might be feeling like I was the first time I approached media though....


But what I found that was once I got started it was easy, and FUN. 

And quick - I soon had features, then front covers (5 in fact), then interviews.

Click here to find out how. 

Nighty Night xx

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P.S. Want to grow your list while you sleep? Tomorrow I'll reveal all on how to get yourself out to the masses - stayed tuned!

The reality of a $10k month


You may not know this but I speak with a lot of woman that desperately want five figure months yet can't actually SEE how to get there.

They are trying loads of action
- an email here
- a facebook post there
- mantra'ing up a manifesting storm


Heck I even know a woman (very well) who has a THRIVING Facebook Group and is still hearing crickets....

It got me thinking


In helping hundreds of female entrepreneurs , I've realised that it's not through lack of dedicated action or that their services aren't transformational. Here's what is really going on....

The 3 Reasons Why Female Entrepreneurs Aren't Hitting 5 Figure Months On Repeat.

💎 1. CLARITY - the offer isn't clear in their minds. They're not thinking big enough and how to have that transformation for the client. Their offer is based on dollars for hours instead of serving the client in a BIG way. 

💪 2. CONFIDENCE - they are literally shitting themselves about saying any figure greater than what their mind can stretch to. Self worth is low. They know they need to get something out there yet are afraid of getting on a call with someone, let alone sounding pushy! 

👭 3. CLIENTS - they haven't worked with that many clients in the past and suffer with imposter syndrome 'why would anyone pay that for me', 'who am I to charge that' or 'I can't guarantee any results'. 

I get it. 

I started a business (several actually) and know what it feels like to be swimming in ideas with no structure.

A whole lotta half dug holes .... and no way to join them up. 

What program to go with first? 

How much can I charge without scaring people off?

How do I know I am worth that?


YEP - I have been there and so have my clients.

Here are a few of my previous clients success - 

👭 F - wanted to help people online with her fashion styling yet didn't know how to step out of face to face consulting. We crafted a package together that she now sells passively ... while she sleeps.

👭 P - getting super clear on who she wanted to work with, removing the programs that didn't serve her and her clients. She just had the biggest month in her company ... EVER!

👭 S - spent a tonne of time in Limbo-Land (like years!) and was still no clearer on her offering. She wasn't getting any yes's. We created a program that is centered around the client and their transformation. She feels aligned and confident. Best part - she only needs to sell 3 instead of the 30 spots on her previous program to make the same amount. #lesswork #richandrelaxed

It wasn't until these clients got Clarity on their offer and Confidently put it to the world did they attract dream Clients that say YES! Sign me up NOW! 

And you can too . 

Use these 3 tips
and get your offer out to the world giving you the freedom to have a financially stress free Christmas. 🎄 🎁

And even buy yourself that swanky necklace you've had your eye on all year! 


unnamed (1).png

P.S. Are you stuck on what your offer looks like? Don't feel confident in offering it to anyone? Then join me on a Live Training tomorrow at 4pm PDT. Together we'll get CLARITY on what you want to offer, CONFIDENCE on offering your services to the world, which will result in CLIENTS that say YES! Sign me up NOW!

See you on Live!

NEW: Your Christmas Biz Freedom


Over the past couple of days it hit me that the big C is just around the corner...


It got me thinking about with nostalgia about how awesome the festive time is. 

Here in New Zealand it is hot, we get the BBQ out and spend a lot of time at the beach. 

Now I know for a fact that laptops, iPhones and iPads aren't big lovers of sand. 

So I will be leaving all those at home...

But.....I won't be leaving my business.


I have the systems and framework in place that allows me to take time out at the beach and know that I have a constant flow of income coming in. 

🎄  Imagine by Christmas you had the automated sales system to bring in consistent clients.

🎄  Imagine when you start to see the influx of clients and get that feeling 'this is really happening!'

🥂 Imagine starting the New Year with the confidence in your business that you can make growth goals and really feel like you can achieve them. 

That you have the systems in place to make consistent income and grow as the year goes on. 

What if 2018 was about creating freedom? 

What if your New Years planning was full of money making systems that you knew would serve your people AND booking holidays in; knowing both are achievable. 

Money + time

One is replaceable and one isn't.

It's your choice.

'the best time to start was yesterday. The 2nd best time is to start today.'


you're ready. Jump on a Pre-Christmas Booster Call with me now and get the systems to have the Time + Freedom. You deserve it. 

Chat soon!

unnamed (1).png

P.S. Money replenish itself, every time. Time doesn't - you have it once and then 'poof' it's gone. Make sure you have the systems in your business to have this Christmas guilt free with you family. Click here to grea a Pre-Christmas Booster Call.

What is Santa bringing you?


Being an only child Christmas in our house is a fairly small affair. 

I get all the presents. 

I always have. 

You see I am an only child, of an only child. 

Which meant I got whatever I wanted from Santa, regardless of my behaviour. 

What I didn't realise is that my parents went out of their way to get my the latest Wuzzel and Cabbage Patch Doll (now I am really showing my age! Do you remember those!). 

As I came down to the tree which had magically blossomed with presents under it I would squeal with joy. 


My parents and grandparents gave each other that knowing look of relief - they'd nailed another Christmas. The blonde terror was a happy kid.

We would sit around and have New Zealand roast lamb from the farm and eat scorched almonds until I thought I'd pop. 

It is a cherished memory of my childhood. 

And it got me thinking. 

What will create a special Christmas this year? 
Christmas is only 2 months away today you know! Yikes!


What will make your kids eye like sauce pans when they come down to the tree on December 25? 

What will you buy your loved one as a special treat. That thing they have always wanted yet never splashed out and brought themselves? 

What food will you make a special treat on the day, those traditional cookies or fancy turkey.

Or my favourite - french champagne.

Will you be able to relax having all the gifts, family over and the trimmings knowing that the money is coming in?


That smug feeling that you've nailed Christmas for you AND your family. 

Here's to the perfect Christmas!

unnamed (1).png

P.S. Let me know what your perfect Christmas is...I LOVE to hear everyones traditions xx

6d3699ebecf0a08df217f9e012238cd0 (1).jpg
69c19dbe52d95a0acc3045c54a7b7147 (1).jpg

Will you have enough?


Yesterday I spoke with you about your Christmas traditions. Having that dream day with all the trimmings. 

We talked all about the perfect Christmas yet I heard from a few of you about the stresses about the holiday season.

Instead of cooking Grandparent cookies and buying gifts for loved ones there was a lot of stress coming in. 

A lot of doubt.

Will I have enough? 

How will I pay for it all? 

You might be wondering the same thing - just how will you make your dollar stretch?

The key to a stress free Christmas?


Having consistent clients leads to consistent money coming in...regardless of the season.

You may be thinking that is a fairly simple concept yet 'how do I bring in consistent clients Penny?'

I hear ya! I know how you feel.

I remember feeling exactly the same way when I gifted my mother a pair of running shoes that I had got to write about in a magazine. I cleaned the soles up and said that they didn't come in a box 😳 

I had money coming in to my business, but didn't know what next month would look like, let alone the following month.

It was a scary time. 

It wasn't until I found the key to creating a consistent flow of leads, calls booked and paying clients that I could rest easyand know that the cash flow was there - regardless of the time of the year. 

This simple and effective client acquisition system through targeted sales action brings in reoccurring 5 figure months, every month, and it's fun!

Having these systems has enabled me to plan for Christmas and enjoy treating my family...and myself! No more re-gifting and making excuses. 

I want this for you too

What would it mean to you to have consistent cash flow over the holiday season?

Be able to spoil your family?

Heck - be able to spoil yourself too?!

Even better - be able to treat your growing list of clients to gifts too?

Sounds like a plan ? 

A dream come true? Christmas in your PJ's knowing that you're rocketing in to 2018 with a calendar full of dream clients? 

Then jump on a Pre-Christmas Booster Call with me and start to implement the simple consistent client system now. 

Talk soon,


P.S. Want to take the stress out of the Festive period? Connect with me here on a Pre-Christmas Booster Call and grab the key to consistent clients.

{EXCLUSIVE VIDEO} Will my boss take me back? JLD from EoFire's take on quitting your job


Even millionaire John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur of Fire wondered if his boss would take him back in the early days of his entrepreneurial journey.

Guess what?

You're not alone!

Becoming and being and entrepreneur is SCAREY! 


Check out JLD talking with 15 of us this week (yep totally fan boying him and Kate and still BUZZING from the experience!). He openly shared the fears of his first few months starting out EoFire here >>

In 5 short years JLD and Kate are turning over multiple 6 figure months and openly share how webinars brought their house in Puerto Rico.

What is even cooler is that they are on a 40 day trip around the world mixing holiday and business as they travel together.

I was so excited to hear from John that New Zealand was on their list and helped give them some tips for sights to see and must do cafes (I love my cafes!).

0c10edb0015c9d6558f3ada1aa64b57a (1).jpg
e091244e1fcb98f0efec7985c9b3591d (1).jpg

What came through loud and clear was to stick to your gut feeling; despite being scared. 

JLD was told that a podcast a day was CRAZY. 

How would he 

  • find enough content?
  • who would listen to him everyday? 
  • he'd burn out
  • would fizzle.

Yet he kept thinking 'be the change in the world you want to see' and in his gut he wanted to provide people with content to listen to every day driving to and from work. 

He could have easily listened to the nay-sayers, the 'don't do that'ers' and carried on as a commercial property investor (lucrative yet unsatisfying).

Instead JLD 

  • listened to his gut
  • hired two mentors
  • went guns blazing toward podcast heaven


JLD has 8 funnels of revenue streams, including the top Click Funnels affiliate, over 7 figures per year in revenue, a podcast community, key note speaker and over a MILLION listeners on 5 platforms. 

He also has a funny story about how Tony Robbins got on the show too. I'll tell ya that one another time.... 

The best part of meeting JLD and Kate in person was that their journey was so relatable....and so achievable...

What is it that you know inside you that you really really want to do, yet think it might be crazy?

What is in your gut that you know you should be chasing but fear is holding you back? 

Know that it is your time to shine and all you need to do is to listen to your gut, take action and go guns blazing towards your heaven.

Easy right?

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P.P.S. More to come on why I knew John and Kate were coming to NZ a few months'll be the first to know !

{VIDEO} Is Orange really the new Black? What I learnt from designer Andrea Moore


Is it tangerine? Or is it the navy? 

Which was the dog?

I had the privilege of being in the room with award winning designer Andrea Moore this week as she spoke about how to stretch and grow with risk in business. 


Watch it here >>

Moore's key take-away was to make sure you have risks yet set parameters to stay inside of. 

Like sticking to 3 colours in a range; black (easy), navy (looks good on most woman) and tangerine (risky yet so vibrant)

Now if you're anything like me you'll have a million and one idea's everyday. 


What Moore has learnt in 20 years in the fashion world is that you need to have risk (these bright ideas) to grow and stretch your zone or offering. 

Yet to keep them in the container of your core business and brand.

Sometimes they were dogs and sometimes they were sell outs.

What made the difference was her ability to see that you need to take the risk and know you will find a winner.

Are you willing to take the risk and find the winner? 

Are you willing to risk having a few dogs along the way in order to have a few winners? 

Is it a new program you want to launch, or trying a new system to create automation in your business. Or is it a risky new mindset that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Maybe it is hiring support in your business that feels like a risk to you. 

I felt the same way when I started my business. I was scared to invest in me and a mentor. Trying it alone was the 'safe' option.

What I have found is when I go out on a limb and take a risk
I see the greatest growth. 

Accelerated growth. 

And it's fun too. 

That breath taking moment that you feel excitement mixed with a bit of sick in your mouth. I know then that it is exactly the right move for me and magic is coming. 

This magic is yours for the taking too .

You just need to take that risk, just like Moore does every season.

See you on the risk side!

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P.S. Want me to show you how to have accelerated growth and take risks that are in your parameters? Book some magic with me here. (rabbits in hats are optional)

P.P.S. Was it navy or tangerine that was the dog? Click here to find out >>

P.P.P.S. I do love doggies so mean now harm in this email!

Sick of being let down?


How do you get your calendar full of dream clients?

Just HOW do you get clients to be interested to work with you?

What is the magic sauce to 5 figures and beyond?


I get asked these q's daily.

I listen.

And I listen more.


And then there it is.

It slips in to conversation. 

'They would be crazy to spend that kinda money'

'I'm not a sales person'

'I don't DO sales'

'I don't care about the money that much'

BOOM! 💥 💃

There it is.

Sorry to say but a mindset that deflects money will not attract money. 

Seems simple right? 

Yet why is it so hard? 

You might be wondering why your mouth says 'I want five figure months'. Heck you shout it from the roof tops. I mean WHO wouldn't want clients and more money rolling in?! 

Yet, it's just not happening....

I know exactly how you feel. 

I remember setting a goal of $24k when launching one of my first programs. I broke it down and knew I needed 20 clients (🙀 ). I was hell bent on it happening. Remember determination from yesterday's blog? 

And it didn't happen. WTF?! I mean I WANTED IT. 

I NEEDED IT. It's no secret that I have invested over $70k in my personal development; I needed THAT MONEY TO COME IN.

What I found was my mindset wasn't rock solid. I had some demons screaming 'hahaha Comins, you can't do that'.

I went back to my core sales principals. I found a simple way to get my brain on board with my mouth; the money started to flow. It became easy. And fun.

Having a rocking mindset that accepts and loves sales will bring in the clients so that you can have the money you want. And let's be honest - need; like yesterday right? 



If you need the money to roll in then hit reply. I personally read and reply to your emails .

Here's to your money-making-mindest,

Penny sign off.png

P.S. Got the money-making-mindset sorted? Yet, still not making the money you need? Keep an eye out for tomorrow where I'm revealing the action so that you can generate more money with the time you already have.  

P.P.S. I never signed the 20 clients, but I did do $ a week (🙀)

How DO you get to 6 figures in a year (or less)?


I have done the sums.

And realised I hit 6 figures...

in less than a year...

actually 10 months..


Spill the beans I hear you say...

What was it that got you there?

Mindset? Systems? Marketing? Sales? 

Yip - we all want to know how to get there...and fast.

Think about the Fast Track ticket at Disney. No one wants to wait anymore. 

I'll share with you my secret sauce (cos I'm good like that)

Don't be too shocked.

Don't be too disappointed. 


Determination has been my driver. 

I was determined to crack 6 figures in a year. 

I wasn't going to settle for anything less.

I got obsessed with how I could do this. How I could get my mindset stronger. How I would get the right systems. How I would up-level my skills. How I could grow my community.

Every day.

And you can too.

When have you been so dam determined you thought your eyeballs would bleed to get there? To get that thing. 

Bottle that 'feeling'. 

Then pour this 'feeling' on to your business and sales so you can make more money with the time you have. 


You might be wondering just how do I pour determination on my business Penny?

I know exactly how you feel.

In fact, I felt like that when I started too.

I really wanted to make my business a success yet didn't really know what to do to get to that illusive 5 figure months.

It wasn't until I found my determination. It wasn't until I applied the same focus and determination I had when it came to get to the Ironman World Champs. tunnel-vision determination.

I started to get the systems see the results. 

I started to have rockin mindset and crush my goals.

I started to create my-style marketing and see my community grow.

The money flowed in. AND It was loads of fun. 

All you dreams and money desires are there waiting for you too.

Time to get your determined-on babe!

Penny sign off no padding.png

P.S. Determined to know how to get to consistent 5 figure months? Tomorrow I will let you in on the first step...

Dread bills? Do this..


Ever get that DREAD when a bill arrives... Oh balls - I HAVE to pay that again...

WHERE is the money coming from? 

Or boo - there goes that nest egg I had.

However have you ever thought about the JOY that the outgoing brings to you? 


Today I got an email to say my payment for my coach had been processed. 


Never have I felt so excited that I get to keep working with this person for another month. 

I felt privileged and honoured that I get her time for another month. I get her continued support, guidance and skills. 

I get to be a sponge; absorb more learnings, put them in to practise. 

I can then share these learnings with my clients; the secret sauce of coaching.

I was shocked at how light and empowering this 'bill' felt. What a great feeling. 

I want to challenge you this week coming to see any bill coming in as the blessing it is.

The power bill - blessing for being able to have lights, heating, electricity to your laptop to power your business.

The kids school fees - be excited about the mind transformation they are having at school and the friendships they are making. 

Where can you see these blessings and feel empowered by how you invest in yourself and your business? 

Let me know!

unnamed (1).png

P.S. Want to have that 'light & excited' feeling too when it comes to growth in your business? 
Come and attend my Midweek Masterclass here where I will be sharing with you the real reason why some people sky rocket ahead and others stay stuck. 

What should you do?


This morning I was in a bit of a dilemma...

I had promised my friend I would go mountain biking with her during the day. 

Yet I wanted to get this email out and create my Bot (more of that to come).

It was a sunny day
I should go.

I want to get this awesome freebie out to my loyal community.
I should stay.

I said I would go and want to be true to my word.
I should go.

I have big goals for this month and they need my full attention.
I should stay.

And on and on

and ON

Went my mind. 

Wasting energy AND thought space.

How many times have you gone backwards and forth on a decision.

Wasting time, energy, anxiety over what you should really do? 

Is it the right time?

Is it the right move?

What will move the needle in my business the fastest?

What is the next step? 

And then when you make the decision you wonder why you wasted so much time going backwards and forth...

Yep - great leaders make decisions quickly. 

Feel the relief. 

Release all that worry.

Claim back your time. 

Penny sign off.png

P.S. Been sitting on the fence? Jump on a strategy call with me today and see just how far you can go to claim your dream business and life.  

P.P.S. I did end up going mountain biking. I loved it. And this is one of the reasons why I own my own business - freedom. How bout you?


Blown away?


As I sit here watching the footage of Hurricane Irma barreling along the state of Florida I can't quite comprehend it. I can't stop thinking about how this thought is so closely linked to income goals. 

Winds of 200mph. 

Sure - it's raining outside here, we even had hail yesterday at my running race.

But 200mph winds?!

I haven't even been in a car that drives that fast.

Formula One cars top out at 233mph. (I am a BIG F1 Fan.)

That is some ferocious wind.

Yet, here we are seeing (and some feeling) such winds and hurricane size. 

Never been seen or felt before; yet here it is - happening.

And your income goal is just the same. 

Have you thought that $10k months would be impossible? Or maybe $50k months were out of your reach?

Others are making that.

Some have $50k days.

And some even have $50k clients.

So while you think that you could never make that, it's not possible for you or you can't quite comprehend that amount of money for you. 


It is possible.

Others are doing it.

So why not you? 

unnamed (1).png

P.S. Want to know how you can grow your income goal? How this CAN be you? Join me on this weeks Masterclass here inside the Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs Facebook Group.

Look around - it's everywhere....


If we look around it's every where.

The car we drive.

The petrol we put in the car.

The gas station we fill up at.

The hose the gas comes down.

The coffee we buy to keep us going.
(because we are hard working laaa-dies!)

The cup it comes in.

The plastic lid.
(all of which you recycle #savethedolphins)

The coffee beans from the other side of the world.

The water in the cup.

The little side treat.
(because we deserve it right and that run later, that we promise to do, will burn it off)

The packaging it comes in.

The colouring to dye the packaging.

What is it that is utterly EVERYWHERE?



Yep, everywhere you look there it is .... abundance.

Everywhere you look someone has taken the leap to create a new product or service to make your life easier, faster, more fun and simpler. 

They all took a risk. 

They all wondered if they would fail. 

They all got told they were crazy. 
(think about the person inventing the petrol WHHHATT? Horses need food NOT gas...this car thing ain't gonna take off!)

And imagine if they hadn't. 

You wouldn't be driving and filling your car with gas so easily, you surely wouldn't be grabbing a takeaway coffee (or recycling it! #savethedolphins) and those'd have had to have baked them yourself!

So imagine what your clients life is like without you and your services ?

Selfish to keep them to yourself right? 

Get yourself out there! 

You've got to...

unnamed (1).png

P.S. Last weekend my husband and I went skiing to Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. Seeing the magic of the ski field spurred this thought process on. Check out the Live I did here (and the kick-ass scenery #comevisitNZ)