You're Ready to up-level your Business and Life!


Are you a female online entrepreneur who's ready to make more money and create more time in your biz and your life? Then this four month Biz Builder one-on-one program is for you! Time to ditch the Mazda lifestyle and step into the Maserati, baby!

Make more money yet have more time. Is this the balancing act you want to master? To be able to have the lifestyle you thought starting your own business would give you?  To be able to end every day feeling great about what you achieved in your business and then head out for some you time? 

BIZ BUILDER is my exclusive one-on-one program that is tailored to build your business by growing your reach, and teaching you how to consistently convert and retain clients. All without giving up the lifestyle you desire! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to grow your business?  I can identify! When starting my (multiple) businesses, I experienced the same emotion. I loved what I was doing but I was majorly stressed about how I would fit everything into the day, what and where to spend my money to get the best ROI,  and how to service my current clients while marketing to new ones. I certainly wasn’t going for coffees and running on the trails in the sun as I had hoped I'd be able to do.

Even worse, failure was forever lurking in the shadows. Would everything I had worked so hard to build collapse? How was I going to make enough money to keep this business moving forward? Was it only a matter of time until it all crumbled before my very eyes?  No wonder I couldn't sleep! 

I am here to tell you that if I can do it, you can too.

It's time to lose the worry.

It's time to get clear on the direction you want to take your business.

It's time to map that out AND TAKE ACTION!

It's time to have the business of your deepest desires. 

This is for you if…

•You have a business and you're ready to take it to the next level by growing your income

•You are starting out in a business and you want to set up right from the start

•You want to bring in money to your business through your passions and your talents

•You want to diversify where the money comes in to your business as there is only ONE of you

•You want a website and brand that you are proud of

•You want to execute your vision

•You feel like you are ‘doing’ Social Media yet want to start seeing real effects for your efforts

•You want to have engaging clients every day that  leave you feeling uplifted and you want to repel the wrong clients so they never get on your calendar

•You desire motivation and support in your business, and you value the investment in yourself

•You’re an action taker, a dreamer, and a go-getter plus you love to have a laugh

when you're honest with yourself, you see clearly that you desire support to move your business forward.

Because you know that if you could have done it all by yourself, you would have done it by now. 

You weren't meant to go it alone! I'm here to help! 

What you can expect when you enroll in biz builder…

•I'll teach you the exact steps I have used to crack the path to success in my own business

•I'll show you the systems that allow me to simplify the running of my business  so I DO get to run on the trails in the sun and have coffee with friends

•You'll develop clarity around your desires -- both in your business and life

•You'll cultivate a success mindset and remove any blocks  that are holding you back

•You'll discover how to develop a brand you're proud of  and get seen first

•You'll receive training on how to craft Authentic Social Media content that creates sales

•You'll become a true Sales Superhero 

•You'll gain the support, motivation and (when needed) the kick in the rear to keep you taking action and moving forward in your business

Making Money AND Impact Lights Me Up

Why Me?

Well, my name has the secret – Penny. I was born to be a money-making entrepreneur!


Sales is in my heart. I have grown ugly accounts into top performers. I've had 35% year on year growth in markets that normally see 2% tops. I've managed and grown portfolios of over £15 million.

Yet I always wanted to be free of the 9-5 (or in most cases the 8-7) and make my own mark on the business world. So I decided to use my passions to fuel my work. Having completed 18 Ironman races, including the World Champs in Hawaii, and over 40 marathons, it was simple to start a business in the fitness world. With this amount of training, I also love to eat, so I quickly developed additional businesses around nutrition and wellbeing.


I was never without an idea on how to make money from my passions. What I was without was an entrepreneurial support network. I would start off with complete devotion, passion, and sheer determination. Yet, I was without a solid plan.

Crazy really, yeah?!  I would NEVER stand on the start line of an Ironman or marathon without having a well-executed plan. I even preached this to other athletes. But somehow I expected my businesses to take off without hiring a coach or making a concrete plan?  Madness!

I knew I needed to invest to get the results I desired. (Aren't you telling your clients the very same thing?) When I finally "bit the bullet" and invested in a high level coach, set out a plan, did the mindset work and THEN ‘sales practised’, I began to smash all my sales targets. With the help of my coach, I was able to build the business I had been dreaming of all along (and drop the ones that weren't serving me). 

Do you want to JUMP out of bed excited to work with your dream clients?  You totally can! And I can help make it happen for you. 

Now, I work with clients all around the world that light me up on a daily basis!  I relish in seeing their progress and getting those notes that they killed yet another sales goal.  I love seeing their families' lives transformed by their financial success.  And I want to see that happen for you, too! 


  • Make the money you desire in your business?
  • Schedule time in your day on YOUR terms?
  • Feel secure that your business is going to last and grow with you?
  • Confidently tell friends and family that you and your business are a HUGE success?
  • Remove the words ‘I’m too busy’ and ‘I’m too stressed’ from your vocabulary?
  • Be proud to put your business name into Google and see the results?
  • Know that where you are spending your money you will see the returns?

If you're like me (and you probably are if you've read this far!), you want all of this:  the social life, the time to be healthy, the full bank account, and the dream clients.  You're ready to take action to elevate yourself and your biz to get there today! 

WHEN YOU JOIN BIZ builder, YOU AND YOUR BIZ CAN LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN JUST four SHORT months.  I am here to guide you to execute your vision. I’m here to condense your timeline to success.


One-to-One Tailored to your needs

While this course is absolutely structured as I am super-organised, we will be working closely together so that program is totally tailored to your needs and where you are at. Whether you're just starting out or whether you've been cruising along for awhile, together we'll identify the quickest course of action to get your business thriving.  Check out all the elements your program will include below:  


• Discovery Call with me

• Welcome Pack to dive deep into the specific results you desire from your coaching program

Topic 1: Uncover Your Desires

  • Getting totally clear on what you really want from life
  • Delving deep into what you really want from your business
  • Identifying the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Developing a plan to achieving both desire lists - life and business

topic 2: Program Your Mind
for Success

  • Digging around to see what is really holding you back
  • Identifying what success looks like to you
  • Kicking Mr. Procrastination to the side line
  • Magnifying your money mind set and looking for any kinks
  • The daily systems you need to think and act abundantly 

topic 3: Discover What You Stand For

  • Getting really clear on your values
  •  Having clarity on what lights you up
  • How to live each day with those values in your biz and life

topic 4: Identify and Clarify Your Ideal Client

  •  Who are they and what drives them to you?
  • Market research to know your client’s desires
  • Learn to speak in your client’s lingo
  • Be OK to ditch the deadwood (repel the ones you don't want)


  • Create a logo that is a true representation of you and your biz
  • Keep it consistent throughout your platforms
  • How to use your brand to attract clients

topic 6: Create Your Website that Sells

  • The must-have pages on your website
  • How online selling differs from face-to-face
  • Imagery that speaks to your clients
  • Copywriting tricks that turn even icy cold leads into spicy hot customers 

topic 7: Set Up Your Social Platforms

  • Identify what social platforms you need to speak to your ideal client
  • Create authentic content that converts
  • Learn how to woo the algorythms and get to the top of News Feeds

topic 8: Automation – the Key to Balance

  • The systems you need in place that work for you while you have lattes
  • Using your insights to know the right time to communicate with your audience
  • Scheduling to free your time up

topic 9: Get Yourself Seen

  • Creating a buzz that drives press to you
  • Creating a community around you
  • Where to advertise to have the greatest impact
  • How to grab PR opportunities that grow your reach and authority

topic 10: Create your Customer Relationship Management Systems

  • Own your following and keep them all in one place
  • How to design a free offer that builds your community
  • Setting growth sales targets that you want to hit

topic 11: Sales Superhero

  • Construct newsletters that your clients want to read and that nudge them to click the buy button
  • Collect testimonials that give you social proof
  • Sales techniques that don’t make your clients cringe
  • Spotting and overcoming objections without sounding desperate

topic 12: How Far Have You Come!

  • Your future
  • Creating a plan to take your biz to the next level
  • Celebrating in style…I love bubbles!

Ready to have a clear path for your business?

Here’s how ‘coaching’ works

  1. We connect! You will book a FREE 30 minute discovery call with me. We can have a virtual coffee. Mine’s a long black.
  2. We explore your biz needs and see if we are a good coaching fit.
  3. You will invest in your coaching package, and I'll send you a customised contract and Welcome Pack. This will help you go deeper into what is holding you back, your areas of need, and what you desire to gain out of the program. You'll be taking action even before we start working together.
  4. We set a standing weekly coaching call appointment.
  5. During each call, we map out the road to your goals. You’ll share with me your blocks and needs. I’ll provide guidance on how to keep moving forward and draw out the potential you have within you. I’ll give you all my tips, tricks and experience. 
  6. After each call I will send you your BizWork for the week ahead.
  7. You take Action!


  • 30 minute discovery call
  • 12 (60 minute) calls with me where I support you. I provide motivation for you to take action, keep you accountable, and give you the knowledge to make the BEST decisions for your life and your business.
  •  Unlimited email access. Yep, we stay in contact throughout the 4 months. I will respond within 24 hours to tackle all your biz questions.
  • Tailored resources for you to use within your business and life. These include modules, templates, research, video and audio.
  • Access to a library of over 20 training videos 
  • iContacts access to my personal experts, industry leaders and media contacts
  • VIP track is available on request where all tech systems are set up for you.


$7,000 to $10,000

(Installment plans are available on request)


SJ Cansdale - Auckland, New Zealand


"When Mum died I didn't want to continue my biz...I have now raised my prices and increased sales by working on my mindset that I can't give away everything for free being a friend." 


Want to make more money? Have more time?

Are you ready to work with me in a Four Month program of pure business-focused work to get your dream biz rocking?

It's time to take it up a notch and get the results you love in both your life AND your business. 


A Final Note…

This program is all about making more money, creating more time for you, and inspiring your clients to tap into their own greatness. it's time to trade in the Mazda lifestyle and step up to the Maserati!


When I finally decided to enrol with my coach I realised that I had deliberated on the decision for so long the same course ended up costing me $8,000 more. Not to mention the loss of business while I floundered around on my own. I hate to think about the hours of personal life I have poured into lost opportunities too.

I was determined to do it on my own. I thought Google would see me right on everything. After trying many systems, filling out forms for downloads, spending money on adverts that were getting 4 'likes' and not tracking any conversion, I succumbed to the fact I needed help.

Once I flipped the switch and applied my athletic training and coaching mind set to business, I have never looked back. With the support of my coach and other like-minded entrepreneurs, I'm confidently walking the path to my dream business and dream life.

Why not get that support too from someone who has been there and knows how to elevate you and your business? There is absolutely no need to go at business alone. Sure, it's your baby, but most mothers have help!

I believe in keeping that passion you had when you first started your business ALIVE. Keeping your energies high to give your clients the best service. AND creating the freedom you wanted by being an entrepreneur.

This program is all about making more money, creating more time for you, and inspiring your clients to tap into their own greatness. You were put on this planet to serve and have a rip roaring time doing it.  Own it, claim it, live it! 

I know you can do this.

Lots of Love,


In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.