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Are you a female entrepreneur who's ready to rock your sales and build the confidence you need to absolutely love your life and biz?



Want to know where to focus your limited time and resources to get the most money back for your efforts?

It's time to DROP the overwhelm and RECLAIM the passionate balance you felt when you first started this business.

This may sound like a pipe dream to you right now, but it IS achievable. I promise! (I've done it!)


You, my dear,

spend SO much time inspiring others. Now it's YOUR turn. Your dream life is just around the corner!  


Welcome to 

Money Penny TV

My name is Penny Elliott!
(So why is my site called Penny Comins? Well, I got married to a hottie and am honoured to take his name! But that is another story). 

If you're a motivated, dedicated female entrepreneur who wants to create a life and business that echoes your deepest desires, then I'm the coach for you!  Because, let's face it.  You can put up as many vision boards as your want, but if you don't know how to make sales and close deals, you've got a hobby, not a business.  

That's where I come in!

I L-O-V-E making money, selling people programs and services that will completely revolutionize their lives, and having an awesome time along the way.  And I want this for you too!

So many people think
that sales are sleazy.

So many people think that sales are sleazy.

But if you truly believe in your product or service, it's your DUTY to get it into the hands of those who will benefit most from it!

I'm here to help you make your sales process completely seamless, so that you're able to make money in a way that feels completely congruent with your heart-centered business.  


Here's your new mantra -
I am Rich and Relaxed


Say it with me: 

"I am Rich and Relaxed." 


Feels amazing, right?! 

I'm all about helping you build a gorgeous, balanced life where the money flows in easily... that you can free up your resources to do the things that make your soul sparkle! 


When you work with me, you'll learn precisely what to do to get clients, convert your sales, and have the time to enjoy the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. 

Having started four businesses myself, I know first-hand how challenging getting the momentum going can be. You want to grow your list, build new offers, and convert cold traffic into warm customers.  Overwhelming, much? And you're doing all this while trying to serve your current clients?  With no road map or support?  


I've been there.

I've stood on the side of the outdoor 50 meter pool at 6am hoping that athletes would turn up to my coaching squad. I needed six people each morning to break even on the lane hire.  Some mornings I'd have 14 show up; others only one.  I was ridiculously passionate about building a triathlon swim squad, and I poured my heart (and my $$$) into getting the word out to attract  new clients!

So why weren’t people coming? 

In another business venture, I channeled my passion for nutrition into developing a first-to-market Paleo Cereal in the UK. My friend and I baked bags and bags of the nutty mix in four flavours until 3am. I pulled together an e-commerce site, and we hustled to promote the cereal at various markets. We sold out! But mainly to friends. I had this completely amazing product, but I DIDN'T have a clue as to how to grow out of my immediate network and scale the business. I DID know that baking until 3 am wasn't the lifestyle I wanted.  [Cue - burnout!]

I wanted so desperately to help people see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle that I had found through my sport.

I wanted everyone to feel the confidence and accomplishment I had when I crossed the finish line of any of the 18 Ironmans or 40 marathons I have completed. I wanted all of this so much, but I didn't know how to get it!  

Everything changed when  I hired my own business coach!  I developed a way to grow my own business, and, in the process, developed a structure to show my clients how they could in turn build and promote their passionate, heart-centered businesses.   Now, I live the life of my dreams and I have a business that makes me literally GLOW with pride for my clients!  

I have the beautiful privilege of working with motivated women who will settle for NOTHING LESS than the life and business of their ultimate dreams! 

But maybe you're
wondering how

you can start?

I hear these excuses a lot: 


"Building a business is too COSTLY!"

"Ugh! I can't figure out the tech!" 

And before you know it, developing your business becomes a fearful hole. You cling to the few clients you have and hope that the good ole word of mouth will get you by. 

But who wants to just get by? 
And work every hour under the sun (and moon)?! 

My coach, Emily Williams,
loves to say  that we as women entrepreneurs are...

"making a stand for the AND." So, today, I'm making a stand for having fabulous finances AND
fantastic fun times. 

No more burnout, no more overwhelm, and no more hamster-wheel lifestyle. 

You don’t pour your life into your business sacrificing time and money to just get by. You desire and deserve to be a phenomenal success! You long to be the go-to for all the prospects in your niche, right? To be able to smash sales targets, expand, hire staff and take a holiday? (C'mon now, I know you do!)  Have plenty of time AND money to enjoy your life?! 

But how?

I am here to show you the concise steps to get there! 


we all want both right?

The magic pill? 


I believe you can have an inspiring business  that lights you up, make passive income in your sleep, AND have downtime outside of your business. It is totally possible when you find the right mentor and take consistent action! 

 {And I DO NOT mean 80-100 hour weeks. Fuck that!} 

Let's get your idea out to your community in a REVOLUTIONARY way, make your ideal clients an offer that's more compelling than a free mastermind seat at Necker Island, build a suite of products and services so that your clients always want just a little bit more of you, and charge rates that make you feel completely and totally compensated for the energy you put into your programs.

And in the meantime, let's get you some admin help so that you can have the balanced life you dreamed was possible when you first decided to start your biz.

My mission is to support you in making more money in your business AND having more time in your life. Seems impossible?

Rich AND Relaxed is a reality. You are allowed to have both AND you can be successful at both. I promise it can happen.

Check out my two signature programs below for more info...

One to One Mentorship

Ready to lose the little girl voice? Want to stop feeling awkward in your sales?

You've built a business (go YOU!), but it's not really making the kind of money or having the level of impact that you had hoped. You're living month to month, and boy, would you love some consistent income. The whole waking up a 3 a.m. worrying over money thing is starting to take a toll on your health, both physical and emotional (there's only so much that cover-up can do). 


You're in good hands when we work like a tight-knit team in my mentorship 

My 4 month one-to-one mentorship gives you all the tips and tricks to attract more clients and sell authentically, without feeling like you're a cheeky used-car salesperson. 

In just 4 short months, you'll be able to sell with ease, and, more importantly, CONVERT leads into paying customers so that your biz thrives!  

Have any questions?

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