Are You A People Pleaser?

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Being a people pleaser brings out what I call the little girl voice. Because when you want to put your offer to someone in a sales conversation, often being a people pleaser will mean that you will actually dull down your offer. You'll dull down your vibe, and you'll bring out what I call the little girl voice.


It goes a little bit like this. “Um, so yeah, so I was just wondering, like, to work with me is, um, about 20 dollars an hour, but, you know, I know that you've been going through a lot of trouble at the moment, so if you want to pay later that's totally fine by me.” And it goes on and on and on. Right?


The people pleaser often comes from when you were young, and you wanted to keep the peace at home. Maybe you wanted to be your momma's little girl or your dad's little girl or you wanted to be the big sibling or at school you were told that you needed to be a good girl to get ahead.


I really want you to look back and see what that poignant moment is, and then, as an adult woman, realize that’s not true.


Being a people pleaser to everyone is not serving you, and it means that you actually stay stuck because you're trying to help everyone else. Who loses when you help everyone else? You do.


So when it comes to the sales conversation or any sort of negotiation, I want you to make sure that it's fair for both parties, and that's going to be really difficult if you have a really deep, ingrained people pleaser within you. It might feel like it ruffles some feathers, and it might feel a little bit icky.


But at the end of the day, if you're being paid the value for your services on time and the other person is getting massive transformations, then there's a win-win. Both people are pleased, and that’s the biggest outcome you can ever have if you're a people pleaser: to be pleased yourself.

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4 Tips for Getting Professional Photos Done Without Looking Like Barbie

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We're going to talk today about tips for getting professional photos taken so that you don't look like Barbie, and you look like you.

Let's be honest, out there, there are a lot of photos where they're completely made up, completely fabricated, not really a true reflection of what's happening in your business. 

The downside of that is that when people start to work with you, they actually get a false representation on the front end. Then when they come to work with you, it's a little bit less than what they thought. We don't want that, right?

Tip #1: Choose locations that you’re familiar and comfortable with, and that you actually work in. They should also represent where your clients aspire and dream to be. That's really important, because you're selling a vision. It doesn’t matter whether you've got products or services, you're always selling a dream.

Tip #2: Your clients want to see themselves in the situation. It's very important that if you do coaching or yoga or health and fitness or any type of wellness, that you have another person there and you actually have some photos with that other person in them. 

What that means is when they come to your website, a potential client can actually see themselves sitting across the table from you. You might do stuff on Zoom; that's totally fine, but you are creating a picture of the relationship that you form with your clients.

Tip #3: Go through your wardrobe, pick the clothes that you enjoy or the color palettes that you enjoy, because you naturally have already chosen what you like. Then it's much easier to wear those colors and feel really, really lovely in them. 

Now I don't say to pull out the baggy jeans that you've always loved wearing. Definitely treat yourself to some nice, sharp new clothes, and don't wear them before the photo shoot. Make sure that they are nice, straight-off-the-rack, and steamed. 

Tip #4: You want to look professional, but you also want to look comfortable in your own skin. You don't want to be wearing stuffy, tight suits. If you hang around in yoga gear or Patagonia tops, and you spend most of your time like that, you still want to look professional in the attire or the style that you embrace.

Don't be afraid to own that. Don't look at other people's websites and think that you have to be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower to have branding photos. That is not true, whatsoever. You can create yourself.

Remember, you're only one sale away from that rich and relaxed lifestyle, so enjoy it.

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Are You Building an Empire or a Pop-Up Shop?


I want to talk to you about whether you’re building an empire or a pop-up shop. I get this a lot when I'm at speaking engagements or when my clients say things like, "Oh, it takes so long," or, "I just want to quit.”


If you’re thinking, "Oh I've tried this, and I just want to quit," you're creating a pop-up shop.


If you’re thinking, "Okay, so business has highs and lows," which it does, then you are creating an empire.


Now what would you rather? Create a pop-up shop, make some quick cash, and then be back to square one again? Or would you like to create an empire that you can live off and live in for the rest of your lives? It's up to you.


I'm thinking most of you think that a pop-up shop will probably solve your problems right now and bring some money in. Awesome. But, creating pop-up shop after pop-up shop after pop-up shop is very exhausting. It's much better to create the empire and stick at it.


The lesson from today is to make sure that you stick at your bread and butter. That you know that business goes like this the whole way and that some days are going to be great and some days are going to suck, but if you're building an empire you're going to stick at it.


You know what? I believe in you so believe in yourself, too. Remember, you're only one sale away from the rich and relaxed lifestyle.


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Write subject lines that people will open


Today I want to talk to you about email subject lines that get opened. Now, the very fastest way to create a whole list for yourself is to go through the emails that you've opened because 9 times out of 10 you have been your previous client before.

So, if you're opening those emails, then those subject lines clearly worked for you and they will work for your ideal client. Sound really simple, right? Spend the time. Go back through all of the emails that you've opened up, and what it was that got you to open those emails. What was the thing?

I'm going to let you on a secret. It's suspense, curiosity. Those are the things that are human nature that make up open things up. That's why when you give a gift to someone or a present, you wrap it up. It creates the suspicion, the curiosity, and it makes us want to rip it open.

Okay. So make sure that when you're writing you email subject line you create curiosity, you might do a surprise, and you want to stand out from everyone else. So, no long-winded email subject line. Keep that for the inside of the email. Just a little synopsis usually using their name also helps or some sort of emoji. Emojis have really great open rate now and are available in most CRM systems to use in the subject line as well.

So make sure you hit that curiosity point. Make sure it stands out in the emails. Americans on average get 136 emails a day, so you need to stand out with curiosity. So think about what you've opened before and use those as subject lines moving forward.

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And remember, your only one sale away from that Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.

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Create Your Elevator Pitch

Create Your Elevator Pitch

Have you ever had trouble coming up with a coherent answer when someone asked you what you did for a living? Being an online entrepreneur can seem hard to describe, but it’s easy, really! I’m going to tell you how to create your best elevator pitch so you feel super confident when you're heading out to dinner parties, networking events, or telling people online what you do.

What You Need to Know About Your Email List, Our Privacy Policy, and GDPR

Yawn - are you BORED of Privacy Policy emails? I know I am. I'm also surprised at some of the mailing list's I am on and haven't heard from them in YEARS! This prompted me to do a video series on why your email list is not GOLD like everyone tells you! Get the links to the videos and this week’s masterclass on GDPR here . . .

Have your guess...


So have you guessed the big whopper of a secret I have to tell you? 


Take a guess - 
(there are prizes for the right answer too)

A. I'm moving countries...

B. I'm having a baby...

C. I'm going to work with men too...

D. I'm getting a tattoo...

While you're mulling over the answer so you get a prize (you need to click the link to see if you're right)....I want to let you know that life as a child wasn't always easy. Although Mum was at home as a farming entrepreneur (see yesterdays email if you're a bit lost here) and I got to see the up side of doing your passion. 

I also saw the down side of being an entrepreneur. 

My Father went bankrupt at the age of 5. 

He was a helicopter pilot, OBE from the Queen for Search and Rescue and a serial entrepreneur with an appetite for high risk.

I remember hiding in the bathroom as our house was repossessed -- someone was banging on the door and after that everything changed. 

From that moment on, I realized a few things about money: I never wanted to be in this place again, I wanted to make my own money, I wanted to be able to live the life that I wanted, and I wasn’t going to repeat my family patterns. 

As I grew up, I was reminded of that lesson again when he defaulted on my private boarding school payments and then again when he failed to pay my Masters Degree fees at Uni.

I knew when I grew up to be a big girl (when do you become a big girl anyway?!) I wanted to be able to depend on my money and have stability and freedom in my life. 

I was sick of money being fleeting and never knowing what was around the corner. 

Although I graduated with a Masters in Science I ended up in a Sales Manager role. After all, I had to pay that Master degree off that my Father failed to pay!

Everyday at work was like being in a candy store! 

Sales lit something underneath me, it spoke to that little girl who wanted to have a positive relationship with money, to not be in fear mode and to finally break free. 

It also spoke to the achievement and driven side of me. It was some of the best days of my life; fancy cars, 6-star resorts during conferences and world wide travel. Meeting exciting people and changing lives. 

What I’ve realized from over 18 years in sales and millions of dollars sold that making money isn’t difficult and there’s more than enough for everyone. 

Trust me, that’s not something I believed when my dad defaulted on my school payments or I was up to my eyeballs in debt, but it’s true. 

Now my mission in life is to support women like you in knowing there’s a different way. You can run the business of your dreams, build relationships to convert cold traffic into dream clients. Have the luxuries you want and not feel nervous or sleazy when you get on a sales call.

You too can have the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle. 

Big love,

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P.S. I know this amazing German lady - Christine. She is a sales queen and is holding a Summit starting soon. I was lucky enough to be asked on as a guest. Boy we could have talked for hours...if the time difference wasn't 13 hours! (I'm ahead - counting that as a win 🤪). 
She has attracted a high calibre of ladies (I was impressed), so if you want xx free masterclasses then jump on this link and register.

I have a secret...


I have a big secret that I have kept from you...

I'm going to reveal all tomorrow....

To be honest, I'm a bit scared to tell you...

While I bite a bit of my nail off deciding how to put it to you tomorrow I procrastinated and started to look at booking my Mum in to a spa for Mother's Day this Sunday.

It got me thinking about how my Mum has influenced my life, both directly and indirectly.

Can you relate?

You see I always saw my Mum as a stay-at-home-farming-mum. She was always there when I got the bus home from school. Yet never in the house as she was always outside with an animal or a plant; farming. 

I always thought she never had a job.

It wasn't until recently I realised she has the best 'job' in the world for her! 

  • She set's her own schedule.
  • She has got to be there for me growing up, every single day.
  • Everyday she works on her craft; testing, perfecting and being creative.
  • She's had some hard days when animals have died and some glorious days when they have given brith and multiplied her business.
  • She has the freedom to go to the shops when she wantsand has NO idea about rush-hour traffic or the term 'being late for work'.
  • If it rains she doesn't 'work', if she's sick she sleeps in and gets better.
  • Lunch is when she's hungry, not at a set time; and always home made.
  • And all her profit is HERS. She decides to re-invest in more animals or plants, or buy herself a new car.


How cool is that?

Want a life like that?


And when you ask her 'how's work' she promptly replies - 'I wouldn't know, I've never worked a day in my life!'.

You see, my mother is an entrepreneur through and through.

And once I could see that I was so inspired to be just like my Mum!

Can you honestly say 'I've never worked a day in my life!'?

How amazing would that be? 

I am here to say it can be your reality too. 

Do you think you can? 

I believe in you!

I can show you how...stay tuned....

Big love, 

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P.S. Still wondering how to tell you this big secret tomorrow... stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox....

P.P.S. Meet Leanne -  She's a mum too creating a lifestyle where she can be with her kids, work her own hours and overcome the tech demon in her - have a listen below...

{FREE TRAINING} She made $136k from her copy...


Did you catch this weeks Mid Week Masterclass Extravaganza?!

We didn't see you on Live? No problem - jump in here and watch the replay.


Anna Powers walked us all through the importance of sales copy                                                (like going from $2k to $136 in a year....yahuh...we all want that                                                  right?!) to the actual template to plug and play in your sales page.

Now if your crushing it and have soo much money that you're                                                        already feeding a million children and providing fresh water to the                                                entirety of India - then thanks for joining my list Tony Robbins!

If you're not quite there yet then watch the replay and get gritty                                                    with these gems Anna went in to detail on - 

  • The importance of knowing your client and how to actually do that.
  • Pain is not just for the dentist but a place you need to take people too as well.
  • What the Heart Palace is...not what you might be thinking...

I loved how Anna ended with

"Business doesn't have to be over complicated, just use                                                                                             the template!"

So true - and you can get this amazing gift at the end of the                                                        recording. 

Jump on in!

Big love,


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NOTE - If you're not in the Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs Facebook                                            Group then click this link first - join and then the link to the vid will                                                work in this email for you.

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Our Class Tomorrow

Hi ,

Quickly checking you've heard about the Midweek Masterclass Extravaganza I'm hosting! 

We kick off tomorrow with Sara Anna Powers tomorrow.

Sara Anna Powers is a Success Coach and Copywriter who's passionate about helping female entrepreneurs create copy that converts. She's served more than 100 women as they grow powerful online businesses, and her copywriting clients have had multi-five-figure and even six-figure launches.


She'll be providing a training on how to craft a Stellar Sales                                                    Page for your signature offering. 

You'll also be getting an amazing template from her for free when                                       you're on LIVE. 

So put this in your diary and get ready to learn!                                                                                     
Thursday 4pm PST

The training will be held in the Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs Facebook Group -                        make sure your already a member by clicking here >>

Anna and I want to help you close more sales from your sales                                                pages so you can make more impact (and income) in less time. 

Sound like a plan Stan? Jump in here.

See you tomorrow!


P.S. Don't want to miss when we go Live?                                                                                      Get notifications straight in to your Messenger by clicking this link here >>


What supermodel Rachel Hunter said to me this week


"How much are we rushing through life to go to bed?"

Rachel Hunter - easily New Zealand's most beautiful export.

Discovered at age 17 running along the beach next to mine (might put mascara on next run!) she has been an international supermodel and actress for over 30 years.

Ex husband - Rod Stewart.

2 kids

Mo Money, Mo Looks, Mo Career.

You'd think she has it all right?'s Ok to mutter lucky b....h
So I was surprised to hear her insecurities in an intimate evening this week.

Her not feeling liked, who was she to put any work out there, what would people think of her and how can she change careers to be more in line with who she really felt she was!


Yep - she is human!

Her message - stop rushing to fill life with life. Fill life with memories and experiences by being your true self. Surround yourself with people who love you. 

Thank you for being in my community , you are loved. 💕

Yet HOW do you stop the hustle? 

By stepping fully IN TO YOU; and not where you want go/be/do. Don't be what you're not; but step into this woman that you know deep down you are. Here you'll find calm. 

Easy for Rachel to say right? She has all the doors wide open for her...being a supermodel and all. 

But what she really meant, and you can too , is to be bold. Stop suppressing that urge inside of you...

If it is to -

  • Start a business with your talents and value yourself,
  • Grow your business in to areas you're unsure of like online,
  • Do a course that takes you further in your life,
  • Create more freedom in your day,
  • Go to yoga like you keep saying you will,
  • Eat organic and stop just talking about it,
  • Post that blog you'd love to but might offend,
  • Travel to the weird destination that everyone thinks your mad for doing,
  • Take the leap and invest in yourself. 

What is it that you need to do to be able to step fully in to YOU.

Or even a baby step forward to being more the powerful woman you know you are?

I believe in you xx

Big love,


P.S. Are you rushing to read this to get to the next thing, to the next thing to then flop in to bed tonight exhausted? 
Best to start thinking about how to become more Rich and Relaxed lovely!

P.P.S. Find out next week why Rachel is giving me such a big hug here too...


Do you stand out of the millions?


From a collection of 11.5 million images the National Geographic picked the top 50 photographs of all time. 

There are 16 million registered businesses in the US alone. Only 100,000 of them make more than $10 million a year. 

So why did visiting the National Geographic exhibition over Easter spark this thought? 

All images where mind blowing, captivating and balanced to perfection.

And they all had a story...

It went something like this...

"I was out in (insert dangerous location that is super hard to get to) when I was trying to capture images of (insert hard to photograph subject) when I was about to give up, pack it in for the day and just make do with what I had shot." 

"I then turned around and saw (insert amazing image) and started shooting candidly! I followed them and just went for it! And there it was - the perfect image."

In the entrepreneurial world this is called the 'overnight success'. 

When in reality these internationally acclaimed FAMOUS photographers where about to quit, about to throw it in and make do. They took one last photo and hit the jackpot.

In the entrepreneurial world this is called grit, belief and determination. 

Think to a time when you have wanted to quit, gave it one last shot and then 'whola!' it happened. 

You got that client.

Your landing page converted above 20%

Your Facebook ad was approved...and converted!

Someone finally watched your Facebook Live 😉


And it wasn't an over night success. It looks like that to the outside world...but you know that you've put the effort in and it all just works now. 

What a wonderful feeling ah ?

Just like the 50 images out of 11.5million - you too can be the one that stands out from the 16 million registered businesses and be the 'overnight success'.

I believe in you. 

Big love,


P.S. If you're still waiting for the 'whola!' moment then keep being consistent and persistent. 
These ladies have for the past 50 days and on their way to $3k! You can too