Are Facebook Groups a thing of the past?


You may have seen a few big players in the online world deleting their Facebook Groups over the past few weeks.

Yep, Kimra Luna just archived her Freedom Hackers Group with over 42,000 people in it last week. SHOCK!

Sarah King closed her group in the first quarter of the year with over 10,000 avid members. 

I was surprised to see Gena + Jordana & Your Magical Business group of 14,000 disappeared as they were the lovelies that taught us about the value of a Facebook Group in my first group program.

I was annoyed when Luisa Zhou's Entrepreneurial Woman's group of 15,000 was no longer on my group choice because I was quiet active in this one. 

And when Aandra Bohlen closed her group of 5,000 Biz BABES I had to investigate.

A common thread came through when I spoke to the ladies closing their groups; once a group gets over the sweet spot of 1-2,000 it becomes a full time job to manage the community. 

As the head of the group your message is lost in the feed. 

If you don't have the resources to ensure the posts are the vibe you want, not all promotional and reply to posts with value then you are being busy for busy sake. 

And it is when this happens, as a CEO of a company they had to close their groups. 

This then poses the question to you  - 
⁉️ How reliant on other peoples groups are you for continued business?

⁉️ How agile are you in your business? 

⁉️ Can you pivot to move with the changes?

⁉️ Do you have more than one way to attract clients and speak with them? 

So back to my first question - are Facebook Groups a thing of the past?

In short - No.

BUT you do need to have engagement in the group and see a return on investment in your time. 

No busy for busy-sake. 

Remember - we want the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle here. 


P.S. Would your business survive if Facebook Groups ceased tomorrow? Jump in to the Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs Group to find out more...