Write subject lines that people will open


Today I want to talk to you about email subject lines that get opened. Now, the very fastest way to create a whole list for yourself is to go through the emails that you've opened because 9 times out of 10 you have been your previous client before.

So, if you're opening those emails, then those subject lines clearly worked for you and they will work for your ideal client. Sound really simple, right? Spend the time. Go back through all of the emails that you've opened up, and what it was that got you to open those emails. What was the thing?

I'm going to let you on a secret. It's suspense, curiosity. Those are the things that are human nature that make up open things up. That's why when you give a gift to someone or a present, you wrap it up. It creates the suspicion, the curiosity, and it makes us want to rip it open.

Okay. So make sure that when you're writing you email subject line you create curiosity, you might do a surprise, and you want to stand out from everyone else. So, no long-winded email subject line. Keep that for the inside of the email. Just a little synopsis usually using their name also helps or some sort of emoji. Emojis have really great open rate now and are available in most CRM systems to use in the subject line as well.

So make sure you hit that curiosity point. Make sure it stands out in the emails. Americans on average get 136 emails a day, so you need to stand out with curiosity. So think about what you've opened before and use those as subject lines moving forward.

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