ONE-to-ONE Mentorship

Stop the Nerves. Sell like a Superhero!

release the rock star within you With this four month ONE-to-ONE mentorship

Learn to sell with ease and confidence during this four month one-to-one mentorship for online entrepreneurs! 

Do you have amazing programs and stellar services but hear crickets every time you make a sales pitch? Do people swoon over your services but then need to go and ‘think about it’ or ‘speak to their husband first’ before hitting the "Buy" button? 

Wouldn’t it be great to feel completely confident when talking about the price of your program?

To feel those delicious butterflies of an impending sale in your stomach, rather than that knot of discomfort, when price comes up?

To know that the value of your program FAR exceeds the price you're charging, and you're actually giving your clients a bargain? 

Time and time again, I watch people in the online industry put an enormous amount of effort into their marketing through Facebook ads, newsletters, speaking events, and blogging.  They work their fingers to the bone to get people on the sales call, and then they FREEZE!  It's like money is the LAST taboo subject, and these entrepreneurs are hoping that the potential client won't even ASK about price.  But, inevitably, the potential clients DO ask, and a lot of stuttering, stammering, and blushing ensues as the online entrepreneur tries to justify the cost of her services (which she is secretly worried are far over-priced).  

Well, I'm here to take a stand that the sales conversation shouldn't be the scary beast of the process! It's actually the dreamy destination because it's the part of the conversation that brings in the money to your account, keeps your business moving forward and enables you to live out your desired lifestyle.  


More than that, a wise man once said that "The transformation is in the transaction."  When your clients put their money where their mouth is, they work hard to make positive changes in their lives.  THIS is why coaches charge big bucks.  They want the absolute best for their clients, and INVESTING in yourself inspires you to get the full value out of a coaching program.  


Plus, "Money Honey" rhymes for a reason. Money is the golden stuff that fuels your ability to serve people. Without it, you're limited in the amount of good you can do in the world. With it, you're unstoppable.

A man develops in mind, soul, and body by making use of things, and society is so organised that man must have money in order to become the possessor of things: therefore, the basis of all advancement for man must be the science of getting rich

- Wallace D. Wattles

My One-to-One mentorship takes you through the all of the crucial steps - from getting your prospects on discovery calls -  to successfully converting them into clients - without feeling nervous, needy, or desperate. You will put on your cape and be friggin' awesome so you can serve more people and build the business you desire. Oh, and having extra money coming in takes the looming ‘will I make it’ feeling away too. Kinda nice, huh?

So how do I know so much about sales? Well, sales for me are as effortless are drinking my morning Americano. My stellar sales career began with peddling grapes on the roadside at age 8. I used to barter bags of grapes with the bakery down the road to get my morning bacon and egg pie (kiwi tradition, delicious).

As I grew older, the drive to sell - which is ultimately the desire to get a phenomenal product into the hands of the exact people who need it - only increased. For five years running, I gained the title of the best sales person at an upmarket shoe store chain - all while only working two days a week as my part-time university job. You see, I believed in those shoes! I knew they would make a positive difference in the lives of the people who bought them, and I couldn't bear to see shoppers leave the store without investing in that amazing product. 

My desire to sell was actually a desire to serve.  And all good sales truly are acts of service.  

I continued to be passionate about sales as my career progressed, and I now hold multiple sales records in industries ranging from shavers to chocolate to data analytics software. I once took an account from declining £600,000 to £2.2mil in a year. It's truly in my blood.

How? I prep for my audience. I listen. I know when to pitch and how. I shut up. I listen more. And I know when to close. Oh, and I love to sell something to someone to make their life easier.

Want to feel this confident too?  I can teach you how! 

It is time to lose the nerves.

Stop feeling icky.

It's time to get clear on who, what and why you're selling.

It's time to fix the missing link in your business AND BRING IN CLIENTS.

It's time to hit your BIG money goals and fund your desires.

It's time to have the business AND the life you long for.

This is for you if…

-    You have a business and your'e ready to take it to the next level by growing your income

-    You want to bring in money to your business through your passions and talents

-    You want to attract clients AND convert them

-    You want to feel confident in your sales (instead of sounding like a little girl when you make your offers)

-    You want to serve engaging clients every day (well, strike that, you totally want your weekends to yourself) 

-    You want to repel the wrong clients before they ever get on the phone with you

-    You desire motivation and support in your business, and you value the investment in yourself

-    You’re an action taker, dreamer, and a go-getter plus you love to have a laugh

-    You're itching to execute your vision

when you're honest with yourself, you see clearly that you desire support to move your business forward.

Because you know if you could have done it all by yourself, you would have done it by now.

You weren't meant to go it alone! I'm here to help! 

What you can expect when you enrol in one-toone mentorship…

  • You'll learn the exact steps I have used to work with clients
  • I'll show you the systems I use to simplify the running of my business so you can spend your free time the way you want
  • You'll gain massive clarity on your ideal clients so you only work with those who truly excite you
  • You'll recognise and capitalize on buying signals
  • We'll engage in technical practise so your sales patter is second nature to you
  • You'll develop a success mindset and remove blocks that are holding you back
  • You'll be able to talk about your packages and prices without your clients cringing (or yourself)
  • You'll gain the support, motivation and (when needed) the kick in the rear to keep you taking action and moving forward in your business

Making Money AND Impact Lights Me Up

Why Me?

Well, my name holds the secret – Penny. I was born to be a money-making entrepreneur!

Throughout my 17-year career, I've had some amazing Sales and Marketing jobs , most notably of all – Lindt Chocolate. (Yes, we got free chocolate. No, I didn’t put on 15 kilos. Yes, you do get sick of it.)

Sales is in my heart. I have grown ugly accounts into top performers. I've had 35% year on year growth in markets that normally see 2% tops. I've managed and grown portfolios of over £15 million.

And learning about sales and marketing truly lights me up! I've been on every sales and management course under the sun. I've even learned from Google's Sales Guru (pretty crazy how we all get sold to each and every day).  the techniques and tips i'm ready to share with you come from over 20 years of training courses, practise and true complete immersion in the sales and marketing world. 

And lest you think that "real-world" experience is all that matters, I can promise you that I wouldn't have been the top salesperson in every team and company I ever worked in if it weren't for all the training I have been through. I knew I needed to invest to get the results I desired. (Aren't you telling your clients the very same thing?) When I finally "bit the bullet" and invested in a high level coach, set out a plan, did the mindset work and THEN ‘sales practised’, I began to smash all my sales targets.

you can wake up Excited to work on your business every single day. You can work with your dream clients.  It's totally possible - and I can show you how. 

My clients are the reason I jump out of bed EARLY ready to get started with the day.  I relish in seeing their progress and getting those notes that they killed yet another sales goal.  I love seeing their families' lives transformed by their financial success.  And I want to see that happen for you, too! 


  • Sell your products and services CONFIDENTLY
  • Have packages that create greater WEALTH for you
  • Have clients that you LOVE working with everyday
  • Be able to sell your products or services in a way that gives you more FREEDOM in your biz and life
  • Feel PROUD of your growing wealth
  • Know that what you have to sell changes peoples lives
  • Remove the nerves when asking for payment

If you are like me (and you probably are if you've read this far!), you want all of this:  the social life, the time to be healthy, the full bank account, and the dream clients.  You're ready to take action to elevate you and your biz to get there today! 

When we work together, you and your biz can look completely different in just four short months. I’m here to make sure you don’t sound like a pushy, desperate salesperson. You're going to sell with authenticity and ease. Goodbye nerves, hello confidence! 


One to One Tailored to your needs

Each week we build on your progress from the last week. You'll be stepping up the sales ladder incrementally until you reach your ultimate goals.  Each coaching program is tailored to YOUR specific needs and is designed to meet you exactly where you are at. We move at your pace. We can dive deeper in an area you want, or we can move quickly. The four months are yours to absorb at your pace. Whether you're just starting out or whether you have been cruising along for a while, together we will identify the course of action and really get you selling with authentic confidence and ease.


• Discovery Call with me

• Welcome Pack to dive deep in to what you desire as a result of the course 

Your Money story

  • What’s holding you back from having the business and life of your desires
  • Create a new money story that supports your dreams
  • Realise your worth and your unique services. You are awesome! It's time to believe it! 
  • Cut the desperation from your money story

what do you really sell

  • Getting really clear on what you sell
  • Clarity on who your clients really are and who you want them to be.
  • Cut the deadwood from your list
  • Identifying your client's pain points and how to tailor the package to them
  • What is your clients' ‘why’?
  • Speak your clients' language

Wealth packages that give greater service

  • Creating packages that give you greater wealth
  • Know your figures and what each client is costing you

confident sales

  • Feel confident that what you sell is needed
  • Know your prices and stick to them
  • Know when to stop talking and ask for the investment

Authentic selling techniques

  • The tricks to selling without sounding pushy
  • Have a sales patter you're proud of
  • Know your prices and which levers to pull to get clients to commit
  • Play to your audience
  • Recognise buying signals and act on them
  • Know when to walk away; with grace
  • ABC - know how to close

Putting it all into practise

  • Role play - sell it to me, baby
  • Spotting and overcoming objections without sounding desperate

creating sales opportunities for yourself

  • Leveraging selling opportunities
  • Persuasive PR
  • Advertising
  • How to communicate to your clients so you are always top of their minds
  • Collecting testimonials from your raving fans

ready to have a rockstar business and life to match?

Here’s how ‘coaching’ works

  1. We connect! You will book a FREE 30 minute discovery call with me. We can have a virtual coffee. Mine’s a long black.
  2. We explore your biz needs and see if we're a good fit for one-to-one coaching.
  3. You invest in your coaching package. I send you a customised contract and Welcome Pack. This will help you go deeper into what is holding you back, your areas of need, and what you desire to gain out of the program. You'll be taking action even before we start working together.
  4. We set a standing weekly coaching call appointment.
  5. During each call, we map out the road to your goals. You’ll share with me your blocks and needs. I’ll provide guidance on how to keep moving forward and draw out the potential you have within you. I’ll give you all my tips, tricks and experience. 
  6. After each call, I'll send you your BizWork for the week ahead.
  7. You take Action!


  • 30 minute discovery call
  • 12 (45 minute) calls with me where you have my full and total support. I provide motivation for you to take action, keep you accountable, and give you the knowledge to make decisions.
  •  Unlimited email access. Yep, we stay in contact throughout the four months. I will respond within 24 hours to all your biz questions.
  •  Tailored resources for you to use within your business and life. These include modules, templates, research, video and audio.
  • You'll get access to my personal experts, industry leaders, and media contacts. I know that WHO you know matters, and when you work with me, MY network becomes YOUR network. 



Payment Plans are Available


Jess Blanche - Austin, TX

Your no fluff spiritual coach and business mentor for online bosses who are ready to rise higher and make waves!


Want to cut the cheesy sales pitch? Want to be proud to offer your services? Want to drop the little girl voice when talking about your pricing? to drop the apologies that you're too expensive and stand in your power? 

Are you ready to work with me in a 60-day one-on-one program of pure sales-focused work to get your dream biz pumping through authentic selling?

It's time to take it up a notch, get confident, and succeed at sales so you can have the results you desire in both your life and business.


Emma Smillie - New Zealand

Founder of FANCY Living and NuSkin Network Marketer


A Final Note…

This program is for online entrepreneurs to be able to sell your services with authentic ease and confidence so that you make more money in your business. it will help you create the life of your dreams.


When I finally decided to enrol with my coach I realised that I had deliberated on the decision for so long the same course ended up costing me $8,000 more. Not to mention the loss of business while I floundered around on my own. I hate to think about the hours of personal life I have poured into lost opportunities, too.

If you're a self-starter, I totally identify with you. I was determined to do it on my own. I thought Google would see me right on everything. After trying many systems, filling out forms for downloads, spending money on adverts that were getting 4 'likes' and not tracking any conversion, I succumbed to the fact I needed help.

Once I flipped the switch and applied my athletic training and coaching mind set to business, I never looked back. With the support of my coach and other like-minded entrepreneurs I have the path to my dream business and dream life.

Why not get that support from someone who has been there and knows how to elevate you and your business? There is absolutely no need to feel awkward when talking about your sales. There is no need to have heart palpitations before a sales call. I mean, yes, get pumped, but use your POSITIVE energy to bring in more paying clients.

I believe in setting yourself up for success so you can get your message to more people, serve who your were put on this planet to serve, and have a rip roaringly good time doing it. No more Jitters. More superhero powers.

I know you can do this.

Lots of Love,


In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.