Sales communication swipe file

Not sure what to say or write to capture the sale? Worried you might sound sleazy or salsey?

You know you’re genuine and have a great product or service yet just what do you say to get the balance right between enticing new customers or them running for the hills?

And what form of communication do you use? Text, email, messenger? The endless options are overwhelming.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When I first started out in sales I was way too forward and turned a lot of people off. Maybe you do the same? Or even the opposite and don’t reply at all because you don’t know how to?

Imagine if you could have an automated email series that welcomed new leads and gently lead them through getting to know you to a sale. Imagine having the exact words to say in a text message reply or how to reach out to people via messenger so that they were asking you how to work with you.

No more not knowing what to say or how to ask for the sale.


You don't have to be on struggle street anymore.

I have the ticket to that Rich and Relaxed lifestyle you’re hankering for. 

Inside my Swipe File Suite you’ll get all you need to be able to plug and play with your sales.

From what to say when in public to what to say in a text message to a full sales funnel format. Each has a swipe file template and then an example to inspire you. 

All you need to do is put your own offers and vibe in to the messaging. 

How cool is that?

Just hit COPY, PASTE and TWEAK to your style.

No more spending hours crafting emails or writing a text message to only delete it to re-write it again and then still not be sure you have just the right tone.

This entire Swipe File Suite will save you HOURS.

Back 15 years ago when I started my sales career I would have devoured this. Now $15million in sales onwards I can share these with you all my sales scripts that convert, so you can leap frog the testing phase and just sit in the glory winning phase. The banking money in your account phase!

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Included in the Swipe File Suite -

• Your Introduction – How to captivate an audience in 15 seconds

• Email reply’s and how to grow your network

• Messenger templates to get people in to your community and on the phone with you

Text Message formats and reply’s that penetrate and get leads to take action

TWO FULL Welcome Email sequences/Sales Funnels for your Freebie that convert leads to calls booked and product brought.

• Welcome Email sequence/Sales Funnel for your Webinar, including post webinar sales emails to turn watchers in to buyers

Live Call Format + 2 Bonuses (Call format checklist so you’re prepared and key questions to ask potential leads to avoid time wasters)

8 Documents - 84 Pages of sales communication built just for you!

All for $47 for sacha's call.

Once purchased you have life time access to the swipe files.

All you need to do is copy, paste, tweak to be uniquely you and watch the sales roll in. 

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Grab the bundle, implement them.

and get out doing what you love.


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