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Sales Communication Swipe File suite



Knowing what to say and when is the difference between making a sale or sounding like a pushy bi-artch. It all comes down to the chitty chat you have at the beginning.

Think about when you go to a networking event or a MeetUp group. You talk with people about your business, their business, their hobbies and yours. You find common ground and build rapport. 

You don’t rock up to someone and say ‘yo, I sell this and you should buy it’. And then the next time you go to the meeting you say ‘hey, did you buy that thing I spoke about last week’. And so on. You wouldn’t be invited back!

So don’t do it when you are talking with people on-line. You need to give value and genuine interest in the other person.

The formula is simple.


So you need to give to the other person 3 times before you ask for something for you.


Sales is all about them not you and your need to hit a target, bring in money to buy your Prada shoes or pay rent. It is about them and what you can do for them. Service sista!

So now you have the formula to be a sales superhero here are the templates to use.

Make sure your put your feel, look and language into these. If you copy and paste them directly you won’t be representing your brand authentically. Being authentic and putting your magic sauce on these templates will ensure people are engaged with you and want to work with you!

What you have is unique and attracts the most amazing clients to you. And you only. So embrace that and put your spin on these communications.

You’ve got this!


Click on each image to download the Swipe File and example